Caller Retention- Holding on to every caller

The Benefits of Maximising your Opportunities

Endorsing Your Corporate Brand

Remember your clients have seen your website, looked at the brochure, listened to the radio ad, and this messaging enhances all your other marketing with consistency.

“An Englishman’s house is his Castle”

No matter what size your business is, it’s you passion and livelihood

You’re a one-man band?

Do you work from home?

Only a small organisation, but need to sound like a national corporate?

Testimonial from Steve, “our clients told us we sounded more professional and a big company”

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do your callers have peace of mind, and the reassurance they you’re interested in them, and why they are calling?

Consistency builds confidence in your brand, products and services.

First impressions count, and every impression counts…is every point of contact with your business impressive?

Three Crimes against Personal Relationships

  • Silence-on-Hold

    • is the only time Silence is not Golden

    • Your callers think they have been disconnected.

  • Computer generated voice clips – where’s the empathy?

  • Boring, Irritating and Screeching phone jingle

What’s the sentence?

  • 70% of callers hang up

  • Only 30% of callers who hang up call back

  • Your competition will get to hear from the 70%.

Cross Selling & Marketing

What other products and services do you provide that your existing clients have forgotten about?

Invite feedback about what other products your clients would like you to provide.

Launch New Products, Services & Special Offers

We have doctor’s surgeries that have a specific monthly health checks; men’s health, skin + melanoma, flu time –jab time, one for every month.

New car dealers have brand specific promos; 0% finance, free service package, EOFY specials.

The Hold-Time Mindset

Statistics have proved that where there is nothing, the hold time feels up to three times as long.

Are you taking the pain out of the hold-time for your callers?

How often do you say thanks for their patronage and interest in your company?

Do your callers get that “warm fuzzy” while they’re on hold.

Engage your callers and let them watch time fly

Revenue Generator

On Hold presences are one of the most underutilised marketing opportunities!

A survey showed that 30% of purchasing decisions have been made while on hold.

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