Marketing Messages-on-Hold

Marketing? Yes, think about what message you sending to your listeners, because every point of contact with your client is still marketing long after the sale has been made.

Whether you’re the local fish-n-chips shop or owner operated clothing store , or a national corporate, your quality On Hold presence will complement your existing campaigns, provide uninterrupted up-selling and cross-marketing prospects.

What’s more, how many callers hang up before you’ve had a chance to find out why they called?

Do your customers and suppliers alike know you’re serious about business?

Never Miss Another Beat.

At Astound we understand that your business is progressive, and expect changes which are why all our messaging is editable.

Update you message one paragraph / voice unit as a required without incurring new establishment fees. Your customers love innovation and variety, and have confidence in ongoing development.

Or do you have weekly or monthly functions or special offers, what better time to inform and remind you clients than when they’re on hold.

After hours and No-Answer Messaging

Consistency, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction.

No-one ever enjoys leaving a message, but how have you invited them to do so? Make your caller feel special, and that their message is important to you, not by what is said, but how you invite them.

You’re allowed to be busy, and allowed to go home in the evening and weekends, so let us help you make it easy for your clients to keep in touch.

  • If callers don’t want to leave a message; think about:
  • Is there an alternative number they can call?
  • Can they press ONE for the service tech / doctor / salesman / agent on call.
  • Give them your website for further info or to lodge an online enquiry.
  • Is your business lively 24/7 365 days a year…it can be


Yep, your staff get busy too. Then what happens?

  • Goes to message bank…hopefully with a professionally voiced Astound message.
  • Rings long enough for your caller to hang up?   No no, not even a consideration.
    Or ideally
  • Professional auto-attendant messaging is the powerful tool to let your callers know they’re connected, and that you want to speak with them. Once they’re connected you can set it up to:
    • Divert straight to your message-on-hold
    • Select ONE to leave a message
    • Menu to select the right person or department.
  • Effective passionate communication
    • Short and sweet
    • Professional
    • Current and relevant
    • Never miss another opportunity for your staff to speak to callers

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