Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if our phone system is compatible? It’s this easy…

  1. Tell us the make and model of your phone system.

  2. Who is your phone systems provider or tech?

  3. Look at your phone server to see if there is one of the following ports:

    • MOH – Messaging/Music on Hold

    • BGM – Back ground Music

    • AUX – Auxillary in

    • Audio – Audio in

  4. We will work with your local provider to determine the most effective and cost effective way to implement the productions.

  5. Astound have techs nationally to assist with remote logins for uploading and updating the messaging

What are the limitations?

Modern systems are fantastic, and have enormous capabilities, and your phone tech will help us to get the best result for you.

Your phone systems provider will assist us in what file format, size and play length we must provide.

Every system is different and with new systems coming into the industry, we are continually updating our programs and software to suit.

Operating from a single line system? We can help you sound a million dollars.

What about the scripting?

We always invite your input which brings out the personality of your business in the messaging. One of three ways, choice is yours:

  • With our professional team of wordsmiths we will provide you with a script to edit and approve

  • You can provide us with some basic points you deem important we will start your script from that combining it from any other marketing material or social media

  • You may provide us with a finished script.

Our clients enjoy an open line of communication to perfect their scripts which is always an enjoyable experience.

Think about it…what are he five key points about your business which every caller should know about?

Can our messaging be updated?

Absolutely, we actually recommend that you do to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

You only pay for the units you change, which means you’re in control of the spend.

And how often is fresh?

Whenever you want… We’ll give you some examples:

  • Conference centre might have weekly functions

  • Hotels & Restaurant may be inviting booking for Christmas parties

  • New car dealers have monthly or quarterly promotions.

  • What are your current marketing campaigns on your website and social media?

  • Clients use it when they introduce a new service, holiday park installs a water slide

  • Relocating? Let them know when they’re on hold

  • Who is your target market and what appeals to pensioners, schoolies or high flying office staff.

Will the messaging play on a continuous loop or start from the beginning each time the caller is placed on hold?

Both is the short answer.

A medical centre may require the message to start at the beginning each time to say “If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 000.

We always prefer a continuous loop, because it makes it more interesting and engaging for the listener

How long can or does the message have to be?

Whatever is required from 30 seconds which is statistically the minimum average callers are placed on hold, to as long as your system will allow.

When we discuss your requirements, we take into account your industry, type of content required, and typical hold times for your business.

May we include sound effects and other clips?

Absolutely, and for the sceptics that think messaging-on-hold is all about selling, it’s all about endorsement, credibility and excitement.

Isn’t a recorded testimonials  from satisfied clients inspiring?

Chainsaws or mower sound effects for the machine shop

Endorsements from sports heroes for health food or sportswear stores

The revving car engine for the car dealer or performance car builder

Have you got a set process you work to?

Our process makes it possible to have the latest, up-to-date messaging-on-hold program on your phone system in 5 easy steps… which is Simplified and All Done for you

  1. Registration - This secures your spot and our special one off rate with free service package.

  2. Scripting - Our professional wordsmiths will deliver a draft for your approval.

  3. Production - Your script is blended with the best music and professional voice talent.

  4. Tech support - Our techs tailor the program in the most economical way.

  5. Installation - Your messaging goes ‘live’ onto your system.

Where to from here? Awesome, and welcome abroad.

  1. Call or email us now for a quick discussion about your current arrangement

  2. What are your expectations?

  3. We will discuss the plan moving forward

  4. You relax and leave it to us

  5. Congratulations, making your business sound greater

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