Maximising Caller Retention –
How do callers feel when they call your business?

Messaging–on-Hold has never been
as important as it is now in an ever-progressive modern environment.

Would you ignore statistics?

Nearly 90%

of all phone guests prefer informative messages rather than radio, generic phone jingle or silence


of all business calls are placed on hold


of all guests left in silence hang up

Marketing Messages-on-Hold…
How are they used to make you look better?


Improved guest experiences with your company

Promote your services and products, by

Remember your existing customers are the most valuable – show them you care.

Make it fun and entertaining while you inform and confirm them in their decision to deal with you, add some industry relevant sound effects.

Your on-hold presence is the image your callers perceive about you…think about the consistency of your marketing process:

  • You’ve got a good website and Facebook page

  • You’ve got well-presented showroom, offices and vehicle fleet parked outside

  • Your client may have been referred to you

  • Your staff are well-trained and professional

  • Then your prospect/client calls and is placed on hold…what do they hear, and what do they think? Is it consistent